It’s World AIDS Day 2013

logo-wadAs a person living with HIV, today — World AIDS Day —is a significant day to remember the many lives lost to AIDS and support those living with and impacted by HIV/AIDS. This isn’t someone else’s issue, it is all of our issue. If you are having unprotected sex or sharing needles you are at risk for HIV. This is regardless to sexual orientation, gender identity, or racial/ethnic identity. Too often we judge HIV/AIDS and assume certain populations are more prone to HIV. Realize you are in control of your negative status—no one else. Know how to protect yourself. If you choose to take risks be prepared for the possible outcomes of your risk. Know your status and reduce your risks for HIV. Also have compassion and understanding for those of us living with HIV. In memory of all the lives lost and empowerment to the many of us who live with HIV/AIDS everyday — Bruce E. Smail, Executive Director – The MOCHA Center.

Visit the official World AIDS Day Website.

Join us at the Anthem of Life — World AIDS Day Benefit Concert – 7pm – Third Presbyterian Church – 4 Meigs Street – Rochester. This benefits the MOCHA Center. Tickets are available at the door. Click here for more information.

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