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The MOCHA Center offers social events and other programs focused on improving the health and wellness of LGBTQ people of color—in mind, body, and spirit. We are a place where every voice is heard, the staff knows where you are coming from, and all are welcome.

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Our Team

Just like you, everyone on The MOCHA Center staff has a story about what brought them here. We have faced our own challenges and victories, and we are ready to help you live the way you want, with the freedom you deserve. The support, education, and environment we offer are put together by people who uniquely understand you. Stop by and say hey so we can show you what it’s all about.

Our Story

Founded in 1996 as the Men of Color Health Awareness Project, The MOCHA Center has worked to educate Black and Latino men in Rochester and Buffalo about living a sex-positive life. Over the years, our mission and the people we work with have grown. Now in partnership with Trillium Health, we’ve turned into a community health center that offers both community and health in equal amounts—providing a safe place to network, socialize, and address any health issues you face.

Our Services

We offer free, confidential, safer sex support—not judgment. We’re here so you can live the life you want and be as healthy as possible.

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Programs designed by and for LGBTQ People of Color

  • Drop-in Center: a safe space for LGBTQ people of color to gather and socialize
  • Discussion/Sexcussion & Movie Nights
  • Club MOCHA/MOCHA Lounge: an LGBTQ youth gathering featuring music, food, and games
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HIV, STD & Hepatitis C Testing & Education

  • Free and confidential HIV testing with results within 20 minutes
  • Counseling for HIV prevention and treatment
  • Screening, education, and referrals for STDs and Hepatitis C
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Access to PrEP and PEP to stay HIV negative

  • PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis): a daily pill that prevents HIV infection. Learn more here.
  • PEP: if you suspect you may have been exposed to HIV, PEP can keep you HIV negative if started within 72 hours. PEP is available at Trillium Health's pharmacy 24/7. Call 585.241.9000 anytime to be connected to PEP.
  • Free condoms and lube and how-tos so you can protect yourself
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Additional Support Services

  • One-on-one support and access to resources: help and support for challenges you may be facing
  • Support groups: such as Living Authentically (a trans support group for People of Color), PrEP peer support group, and many more
  • Proven techniques: learn about safer sex techniques

Ending the epidemic by 2020

The MOCHA Center is committed to ending the HIV epidemic by expanding testing so everyone knows their HIV status, helping everyone with HIV get treatment to stay healthy and prevent transmission, and expanding access to PrEP to prevent new infections.

For additional information and support, reach out to The MOCHA Center.

Upcoming Events

We have regular events where you can talk with and learn from other people with experience and information that can help you grow. Come say hello, stay a while, and be a part of a group that just might feel a lot like family.

Sorry, there are currently no scheduled events. Please check back soon.

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If you want to learn more about The MOCHA Center, if you need help, or if you are just looking for a place where people truly get you, send us a note or stop by anytime.

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